How I Got To Here

The Story of How I Became a Digital Artist & a First-hand Witness to Photographic History at the Eastman Kodak Company
by Peter J. Sucy

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Ektagraphic Super 8mm Movie Camera
Animated Chess Movie
Monroe Community College
Stage Lighting
Olympus OM1 35mm Camera
Rochester Institiute of Technology
Kodak Logo
Making Movies
Film Board of Canada
Movies on a  Shoestring Award
Beseler Computer Head
35mm Half Frame Design
Mac Network
Vicom Lab
Connector Dilemma
PRint Test
SV7500 Gen II
MacEditor - Film/Video Editor
Digital Camera
Optical Presentation Device
Adobe Illustrator
Digital Audio Video
Still Video System
Electronic Imaging System Proposal
Megapixel Transfer Stand
SV630 Interface Kit
Camera Acquire Module
SV7500 Hypercard Stack
Image Archives System
BarneyScan Scanner
MIT Media Lab
4th Photographic Congress
Digital Strategy!
Apple Logo
Image Magic
Center fpr Creative Imaging
Patent #4164813
InterOperability Lab
Digital Products Bulletin Board System
Electronic Imaging System Proposal
Megapixel Transfer Stand
Kodak Logo
Rochester Institiute of Technology
Rochester Institiute of Technology
Rochester Institiute of Technology
Rochester Institiute of Technology
Rochester Institiute of Technology

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KODAK CAREER SUMMARY: During a nearly 28 year career with Kodak, Peter was involved with advanced technologies such as video imaging, video editing, digital photography, presentation devices & software, image compression, digital storage, computer graphics, desktop publishing, systems design, software design, thermal printing, interoperability, and 3D imaging. From 1985 to 1990, Peter shared a cubicle wall with Steve Sasson, inventor of the first digital camera in 1975. They would collaborate on numerous white papers for video and digital product advancement and push for the transition to digital (and computer-based photography). Peter invented a key patent for previewing images on digital cameras (& camera phones), and designed a number of Kodak's first digital software products. This period and this group was the genesis of digital photography at the Eastman Kodak Company. This new Kodak Division, called the Electronic Photography Division, was founded in 1986 shortly after Kodak lost the Polaroid Instant Film suit. Prior to that it was known as the Consumer Electronics Division and it would soon become the Digital Products Division. Peter held roles in QA, development, training and technical support, was known internally as the Mac Guru, and was a talented systems problem solver.
These tiles represent events selected by Peter that had an impact on his art and some that impacted the future of digital photography.

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