Disney & DI

Dynamic Immaging

While consulting for Dynanic Imaging, Disney approached the division wanting to develop some 3D lenticular photo frames to sell to customers of a number of rides. Kodak had setup capture systems to take photos of ride goers, so they could sell them photos, to put in the even more expensive, 3D photo frames. Attractionsw like Splash Mountain, Countdown to Extinction, Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror were among the rides I worked on..

One of the frames I created, was the 3D photo frame for Rockin' Roller Coaster, as well as an animated CD shaped card. Some 3D meteors for Countdown to Extinction photo frame, and I was working on a model of the Tower of Terror. They pulled the plug on the division before I could finish it. Gerry and I submitted a proposal to take over the production of art images for the division, as we felt we could do it at a much lower cost than what Kodak was paying, but I think they had made up their minds already to pull the plug.

That was the end of Kodak for me! The only job I really loved, was gone now. I'd been battling chronic pain for a few years, and by the time 2001 had rolled around it was difficult to make it through the work week due to pain and fatique. I decided to leave Kodak and try to start a business where I could work from home and be able to manage the pain better.

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