Macintosh 128K

Macintosh 128K Computer

By early 1984, I had realized that to promote my photography and my printing business, I needed to create a more professional business presence through the documents I produced, such as letters of correspondence, invoices, etc. At that point, I realized that maybe a computer would be helpful in this regard. Secretly I was hoping I could also use it to create animations.

Shopping for a computer was pretty disappointing. At the time, all computers were text based. Every command had to be typed in. No mouse, no menus, and NO graphics. At least, that was the case until I found a store that sold Apple computers. Apple had just introduced the Macintosh 128K, the first graphical interface based, personal computer. When the salesman circled an image of a sneaker on the screen and moved it around, I knew that THIS was the computer for me. A computer for those of us who are predominately right-brained.

The following day, I went to the bank and borrowed $3000 to buy a Mac 128K, an extra 400Kb floppy drive, and an ImageWriter dot matrix printer. Probably the best investment I ever made.

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