A Digital Photo Expedition

Digital AV WS

In early 1995, Steve Johnson contacted me, he was working on his "Digital National Parks" project. He needed to photograph Acadia National Park. After all I had told him about Maine, he wanted me to be his guide for the shoot. That fall, I borrowed an early DCS460 from the camera group and drove to Portland, Maine to meet Steve.

We needed to rent a Ford Explorer in order to fit all of Steve's equipment. He had brought his 4x5 camera with the digital scanning back, as well as a monochrome version of the DCS460. We had a grand time wandering all over Mt Desert Island and Schoodic Point, making images. It was the first time I'd actually been able to use a digital camera to photograph somewhere besides a lab. It was October and the fall leaves were at peak in the park.

While wandering along the rocks on the shore, another photographer spotted the two of us and came over and asked "Who the hell are you guys?". We each had a DCS460 hanging from our necks, and although it had been announced, they weren't shipping yet. He had seen the announcement in his photo magazine and was very surprised to see two of them in one place.

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SV630 Protocol Doc

Acadia Birches - October, 1995 - DCS460 Monochrome IR camera.