BarneyScan 35mm Scanner

PhotoMac image editing software, (the first color image editing program), had been brought to me earlier in 1988 to beta test. PhotoMac software also offered a way to view 24-bit images on the 8-bit monitors of the day. (24-bit displays were still in beta at that point). PhotoMac used a dithering algorithm to approximate a full range of colors by mixing the 256 different color dots, however, PhotoMac software was incredibly slow to work with. Every tiny edit would cause the whole screen to refresh and it would take 20 seconds or so to do so. BarneyScanXP (v0.63a) offered a similar dithering technique, but it was lightning fast compared to PhotoMac. BarneyScanXP also offered some cool new editing tools for selecting and editing parts of an image, all in all a much more useful image editing tool.

BarneyScanXP also supported what Tom Knoll, (the author) called plug-ins, input and output software code that allowed BarneyScanXP to communicate with scanners, cameras, printers, etc. directly. This would turn out to be a useful feature that I and eventually Kodak would exploit with a number of products. BarneyScanXP was purchased by Adobe in late 1989 and renamed Adobe Photoshop.

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