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Welcome to Peter J. Sucy Digital Arts!
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Bald Eagle - Vancouver Island

"Bald Eagle" - New 2D to 3D Photo Conversion.

This is one of my latest projects. I had a photo of a bald eagle that I had taken at a raptor rescue place on Vancouver Island. However, the eagle was perched on a bright yellow rope with a red barn building behind, not really a commercially viable shot. (see small photo below.) I decided that with a new background it might be. Searching through my other photos from Vancouver, I found a shot I'd taken from high on hill in EAst Sooke, overlooking the inlet to Sooke Harbour. It seemed the perfect background.

After removing the eagle from the original background, I needed to do something about the yellow rope on which he was perched. Using another photo from my Vancouver trip, of another bird perched on a branch, I selected the rope area and cloned in the branch, trying to match the grain direction. I had to rotate the original branch several times to keep the grain running to match the curve of the rope.

I ended up creating three layers to turn this 2D photo into 3D. One layer with the eagle and branch, one of the hillside and trees, just to the water, and the bottom layer was the entire shot of the harbor inlet. I then crafted grayscale depth maps to represent the depth in each of the 3 layers. Using my 2D to 3D conversion software, Lenticular Effects, I then modified the settings for each layer to give a natural look of depth to the scene. The first print looked pretty good, although I may re-render the 18 frames to increase the depth a bit more.

Do you have a photo you'd like to see in 3D? I can do that for you. Send me a small version of your image and I will provide an estimate to convert and print your image in glorious, glasses free 3D.

 bald eagle bald eagle

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Read My First Person Account of the Birth of Digital Photography at Eastman Kodak.

Fate had put me, (just a few years out of RIT), in the middle of Kodak's first Electronic Photography Advanced Development Group. In 1984, years before most people even knew what a computer was, I'd purchased one of the first Macintosh computers to experiment and possibly create animated art with. Later, I added a simple scanner and began editing my scanned photos in MacPaint. That experience showed me how computing was going to change the future of photography. Personal computers were only just beginning to appear within Kodak, mostly for use by managers for spreadsheets or maybe some word processing. Meanwhile, Kodak management was convinced that the television was going to be the next platform for viewing and working with electronic (analog) images, thanks to the introduction of the Still Video Floppy. There were no digital products in the five year plan of 1986.

I saw this as a potentially fatal decision. Enpowered with my new desktop publishing tools, I would try to change minds and make the case for a digital path to the future. I was only a photo technician, and with only a fine art degree, what did I know? Did I succeed? Read my story in my Personal Digital History.

Digital History 1984 - 1992
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welcome photography 3d lenticular art desk designs products digital history links

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