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3D Conversion from 35mm slide.

Amanita Mushroom, animated gif of stereo sequence created with
2D to 3D conversion software, Lenticular Effects by Imagiam.

Welcome to my website. I am an artist/photographer who specializes in glasses free, 3D art. I use a variety of photographic-based techniques to create sequences of stereo images of both my finds and virtual creations. The stereo sequences are then output using a printing technique called Lenticular Imaging. The stereo images are sliced up and merged into one large file for printing. This process, called "interlacing", puts a slice from each one of the stereo views under each lenticule of a lenticular lens sheet. (A clear plastic sheet with semi-cylindrical lenses engraved onto it.) The print and lens sheet are aligned, and then laminated together to create a print that offers a glasses-free, 3D viewing experience. When viewed, the lens sheet presents the viewer with two different views of the scene, thus creating the perception of depth. And that's only one application of this amazing medium, it can also be used to playback short video or animation clips.

I use at least three different techniques for creating my 3D images. The first involves converting a 2D image, such as the image of the mushroom to the left. This image is a high res scan of a Kodachrome slide, which I photographed in 1980. Nearly any photo or graphic can be converted to 3D with the innovative software from Imagiam, called Lenticular Effects, which I use. Unlike many other programs for this purpose, LE uses grayscale mapping to create almost unlimited "layers" and volumetric effects unlike any other similar program. The next techique I use, is direct photographic capture, in 3D, using a special 3D camera rig. It's an off-the-shelf video sldier and motion control unit I repurposed for 3D capture. And finally, I also use 3D modeling/rendering software programs on my Mac to build sets and scenes which are then "virtually photographed" in 3D. I will often create images utilizing two or all three techniques. Check out my "3D lenticular art" gallery to seem some samples of my work.

I studied film/animation and fine art photography at RIT, and worked at Kodak for more than 27 years. I'm a decent nature/landscape photographer, though, I'm not as mobile as I used to be, so don't get out shooting as often. Check out my new Nature Slideshow in my photography section. It's a collection of what I think are some of my best photos. Give it a bit of time to load and enjoy!

~ Peter J. Sucy

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