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Welcome to Peter J. Sucy Digital Arts!

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Portrait by Stephen Johnson

Welcome, I'm a photographer (digital & virtual) and a 3D lenticular artist, my second "career" actually. My first, for almost 28 years, was with the Eastman Kodak Company, here in Rochester, NY. In 1986, I became an original member of the first Electronic Photography Division when it was created shortly after the Polaroid suit.

By that time, I had already been scanning my own photos into my home Macintosh 128K and editing them in MacPaint for more than a year. I foresaw the coming convergence of computers and photography, but there were very few others at Kodak who'd had that same experience. Silicon Valley was already leading the way though, and Kodak needed to play catch up. I helped bring Kodak into the digital age. Read how I used the power of desktop publishing to stimulate discussion, change the status quo, conceive and design three of the first digital imaging software products and draft Kodak's first digital product strategy. All and more in my Illustrated Digital History.

Towards the end of my career at Kodak, I had the opportunity to learn the intricacies of lenticular imaging. This is a method of displaying 3D and motion sequences on a 2D print, utilizing a special lens laminate that provides a glasses free, 3D viewing experience. As an internal consultant to Dynamic Imaging, (the lenticular printing group), I introduced digital photographic 3D capture and 3D software modeling as alternative methods of creating 3D visuals for lenticular. Using 3D modeling/rendering tools, I helped create 3D lenticular images for clients like, Pepsi, RJReynolds, Purina, Martell Liquor and Disney. You can view some of those works on my "commissioned art " site 3D Wizardry Lenticular Design Works.

Be sure you also visit my online art galleries, my 3D Lenticular Gallery and my Fine Art America Gallery & Print Shop where you will find a wide selection of my artwork including my landscape/nature photography, early digital work, and 2D versions of most of my 3D lenticular works all available for purchase as art prints or canvases.

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welcome photography 3d virtual art desk designs products digital history links

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