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"Sure, you'd expect a good site from a guy who works at Kodak's digital products lab, but this swamps every expectation. Peter posts beautiful photos and graphics, including a QuickTime VR scene that let's you spin around in his workstation chair. Better yet, he gives a personal, illustrated history of the advent of digital imaging, starting from his purchase of a Mac in '84. It's as lively and deft as the rest of his site. Folks, this is how you do it."

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"Given he has been employed with Kodak for the last ten years, it comes as no surprise that Peter Sucy has a strong interest in photography. And his talents in that area are obvious. Put a Mac in front of him however, and he positively shines. Whether he is creating 3D or 2D images or compositing those with his photo's, there seems to be no limit to his creativity . Being a 3D fanatic, I am naturally drawn to his work in that medium. And I wasn't disappointed. "Happy Birthday" and "Waiting for Dad" are wonderful creations that seem to carry a subtle, ominous mood to it (or maybe it's just my sick mind). But, since you're there, check out all his images. It would seem that his enthusiasm for art allows full expression, no matter the tools."

Peter's Picks at the ICPG: Peter Marr, Photographer, Rochester, NY

Peter Sucy, a local photographer, digital artist and illustrator is the featured photographer in the East Gallery exhibit. Peter has been involved both technically and artistically from the earliest days of digital imaging. In describing Peter's photographs, Peter Marr said "The delightful set of prints by Peter Sucy beautifully shows how digital techniques, elegantly and tastefully used, can strikingly enhance an image. All of his pictures have a wonderfully artistic and vibrant quality, and I was particularly drawn to the 'Lichen & Rocks' print." Peter Sucy is also exhibiting three illuminated lenticular prints that readily demonstrate the art of novel 3D photographs.

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welcome photography 3d lenticular art desk designs products digital history links

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