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Imagiam's Lenticular Effects is the only software you will need to create 3D images, flips, animations, and combinations of all three. The process of producing Lenticular 3D Images has to date been a somewhat arcane art, involving many separate aspects of graphic design, image manipulation, understanding of 3D, and the use of high tech software and hardware. Only fairly recently has it been possible to produce lenticular images on anything other than lithographic presses or photographic processes for high volume production runs. The advent of the high quality inkjet, continuous tone and laser printers has brought the low volume lenticular print run within the reach of the home or small business user.

Imagiam Lenticular Effects 3.0 is the most advanced 3D/Flip lenticular creation tool available. Amongst it’s many tools is the Calibrator for determining the exact pitch of the lens and printing process. The Interlacer Module for interlacing the images for printing, the Virtua 3D module which in addition to shifting the layers to simulate 3D, allows you to create life-like 3D volumetric effects. The Virtua 3D module uses grey displacement map layers and sequence layers to generate a wider range of depth control and built-in sequencing for animation and flip effects. Another handy tool is the Layout module. This tool allows you to automatically create multi-image layouts with ease by solving the problem of images near the edge of the plate/print falling out of phase. Lenticular Effects also has a Calculator module that enables users to easily determine the correct number of frames for an interlaced image, based on pitch and the output devices' resolution. The final module is the Settings tab, which allows for saving and restoring project settings.

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Introduction - Calibration - Pitch - Flash Files - 3D Module - Interlacing - Layout

Basic Feature Overview

Imagiam handles TIF, JPEG and PSD formats.
Is compatible with RGB, CMYK and Gray scale
Creates 3D effects from PSD Photoshop files arranged in layers representing different depths.
Will automatically produce a 3D lenticular scene from processed files for interlacing.
Generates and modulates interpolation effects between views providing soft transitions.
Automatic selection of optimal resolution for each type of Lenticular lens.
Unlimited number of views and frames can be processed.
Unlimited size of input files.
Unlimited lens pitch options.
Available now for PC Windows and Apple Mac OS X

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Lenticular Artist Peter J. Sucy is the U.S. distributer for Imagiam's Lenticular Effects software and provides support and training to help you get your lenticular business up and running.

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